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■ If you are a family: your spouse must complete her own process. ■ All documents should be written in English or French. ■ We will need notarized copies of original documents. (No originals). ■ You are responsible for all honest and valid documents and information.
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Later in the process, we will ask you to provide following documents:
■ Medical records for last 6 months ■ Dental records for last 6 months. ■ Fingerprints ■ Photo ■ Police records. ■ Marriage certificate ■ If you are divorce: Divorce certificate ■ Driver’s license ■ Baptistry ■ Baptistry for each child. ■ If necessary: Adoption records for children under 22 ■ Letters of reference from past employers ■ Copy of bank statement for last 12 months ■ Learning English or French is one of the most important strategies for your success ■ If you want to increase your chances of becoming a Canadian, it might be a good advice to choose to live in smaller Canadian cities INADMISSIBLE If you remember of your family has a criminal record,you may not be eligible for either a temporary visa or permanent residence or you may have to apply for Criminal Rehabilitation. SEVERAL MONTHS The Canadian Government and the Canadian Provincial Governments are overwhelmed, so it will take several months to get final decision. You must be very patient. FEES The fees you will pay us are deposited into our Trust Account and are held in trust for you until we complete sufficient work on your file to issue you an interim billing. The trust account is regulated and audited by the Quebec Bar (Barreau du Quebec) and insured by the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation. You only pay in Canadian dollars, which usually has a significant price advantage for overseas applicants over U.S. dollars.
Are you aware of our Fees ?
The Canadian immigration process is complex and requires time to successfully resolve. Thanks for your collaboration.
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  • PS. By completing this Questionnaire you give us permission to send your information to Canadian employers.

  • If you apply as a couple, the analysis will be done based of the profile of the person most likely to succeed.

*The Canadian government collects application fees for processing immigration applications. These fees will be in addition to the fees we charge to assist you with your application.

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