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Canadian (Quebec) immigration Investor program.

-Exclusively for businesspeople-

  1. How to get your Canadian Permanent Residence Visa in 9 to 24 months ?

  2. You can invest in excellent real estate projects in Canada !

  3. How to protect your family?

Why should you invest in a second citizenship?

Second citizenship or residency offers a key to a better (and a peaceful environment) future for you and your family.

Whether you are a businessman, a business owner or want better security for your family, you will -immensely- benefit from obtaining a second citizenship or residency like the “Canadian Permanent Residency”.

A “Canadian permanent Residency” is basically an insurance policy for high net worth people who want to hedge against violent events that are taking place in their country.

Question: What is your “Plan B” ?

Province of Quebec Investor Program

Investor Program: Invest CAN $1,200,000 with the government of the Province of Quebec for five years, interest-free.

This is a passive investment in which your money is used by Province of Quebec for economic development.

Passive investment means that you are only required to make an investment to the Province of Quebec.

Quota for 2020: Maximum number of applicants is limited to 1900.

To be part of the first 2020 cohort: please answer “ Investor Program “ below.


  1. A minimum of CAD$2,000,000 in legally acquired net worth, alone or with the help of your spouse, or common-law partner, if accompanying the applicant. Assets such as property, bank accounts, pension funds stocks and shares may be included. (You don’t have to pay this amount).

  2. A minimum of two years of management experience over the course of five years prior to the submission of the candidate’s application.

  3. You must intent to settle in Quebec. (to be discussed).

If the CAN $1,200,000 sounds steep, you can obtain a loan from a Canadian Bank or a financial intermediary.

In this way, you can divest yourself the burden of investing the CAN $1,200,000 for five years.

The cost of the loan: is just under CAN $310,000.

Pro: Security funds and low cost passive involvement.

Guaranty: The full amount is guaranty and repaid (to the bank) in full from the Quebec Government at the end of the five years.

Canadian Permanent Residence Visa: In 9 to 24 months, you will obtain “Canadian Permanent Residence Visa” that entitles you and your immediate family to enter and live in Canada.

Benefits of Canadian permanent resident status: You will enjoy the same benefits provided to Canadians:

  1. You don't have to physically live in Canada.

  2. You can live and work anywhere in Canada.

  3. You get access to Universal healthcare coverage in Canada.

  4. You get access to social services in Canada.

  5. You get access to a free Canadian public school system.

  6. Your children get access to student loans and grants, even if they study in the USA.

  7. You are fully protected under the "Canadian Charter of Rights and freedoms".

  8. It cannot be taken away from you.

  9. You can become a Canadian citizen.

Age: There is no age or education requirement for this program, but the investor and family members must be in reasonably good health.

My team: My 2 assistants were “Senior immigration officer” at IRCC (Immigration Canada). They were the ones rendering Immigration decisions for Immigration Canada. They retired and are now working for me.

Name of my Canadian law firm: Racine legal inc.

I am a lawyer accredited from “Le Barreau du Québec”.

My office is in the Province of Quebec, Canada.

My Legal Fees: to be discussed.

Quebec Investor Program for 2020

For 2019, the Quebec Investor program is full.

Beginning in January 2020, it will accept new applicants.

The maximum number of applicants is set to 1900.

Action: If you wish to start, I will submit your application in the next few weeks and you will be included in the first cohort of 2020.

I would say you might land in Canada between September and December 2020.

Next step

Should you wish to have preliminary information: Please send me an email to:


Investor Program

Language Proficiency
Please describe your proficiency in English and/or French under each of the four skills listed below.
Education and Training
Management Experience
Close Family Relative in Quebec
Do you have a spouse or common-law partner, parent, child, sibling, or grandparent that is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident living in the Province of Quebec?
Stay in Quebec
Have you ever been to Quebec Before?
Please list your visits to Quebec
Do you have a combined personal Net Worth greater or equal to $2,000,000 CAD?