Immigration lawyer to Canada

Immigration lawyers do much more beyond helping people become citizens of Canada.

In addition to this task, immigration attorneys can defend a person's case and prevent him or her from being deported to another country.

A lawyer may also provide legal advice about a person's ability to obtain a work visa in Canada for a specified period of time. If a student is studying abroad, then he or she may want to consult with a immigration attorneys for the appropriate visa. 

An  immigration attorney may also helps people obtain citizenship through naturalization. You will need to receive various appointment letters and pass an English or French and Medical test in order to obtain citizenship through naturalization in Canada.

Applying For Citizenship

An immigration lawyer can be very helpful when you are applying for citizenship from another country.

The process of applying for citizenship in Canada can be very complex and time-consuming. A lawyer helps you gather the documentation you need to become a citizen of Canada.

Here are the other general ways that an immigration lawyer can help your case:

  • Assist with citizenship tests.

  • Obtain immediate access to citizenship in emergency situations.

  • Represent you in court.

  • Help you start a business in another country.

  • Obtain a visa.

  • Obtain a work permit.

  • Obtain temporary residence.

  • Obtain permanent residence.

Hire An Immigration Lawyer

Because obtaining citizenship in Canada can take up to five years for some people, it is essential to have a lawyer working on your side.

A lawyer helps you submit the appropriate documentation to prove your case at Canada government and Quebec and Ontario provinces.

An immigration attorney also helps ensure that you are handling the numerous processes with as much efficiency as possible.

He or she will try to avoid any delays in helping you obtain your citizenship faster. When you have an emergency situation that requires you to go to Canada, an immigration attorney helps you obtain the type of documentation that you need to legally reside within Canada for a long period of time.


Jean Louis Racine, lawyer.