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I appeal to your vigilance regarding misrepresentations in the field of immigration.

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Jean Louis Racine , Lawyer since 1978.

Jean Louis Racine, Lawyer since 1978.


  • Do you know that there are more than 87 Canadian immigration programs?

  • — A bad immigration advice can destroy your future in Canada —

  • If you are rejected your file will be tainted forever.



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Immigration is quickly becoming one of the most complicated areas of the law.  

Beware of living out of status in Canada. Or out of status or no legal status.

You might be desperate to gain you PR.

Restoration of your Canadian status is a long road !

While any practice of law requires specialized knowledge and training to truly master, Immigration has been subject to constant reforms, monthly adjustments, and the Canadian and Provincials systems are increasingly overburdened.

Attorney’s fees may ultimately wind up being one of the most costly aspects of your immigration process.

However, you must consider the consequences of failing to complete the process properly, including a loss of work opportunities due to immigrant status or even deportation!

Most importantly, Immigration issues can be very complex and time-consuming.

Whether you are in need of help applying for a Visa, Corporate investments immigration Visa, Family reunification or deportation issues, you’ll want the assistance of immigration attorney Jean Louis Racine who can assist you throughout the lengthy process, and even save you roughly 4-36 weeks in processing time.

Immigration attorney Jean Louis Racine also know what type of Permit or Visa you should be applying for, as the legal realm of Immigration can be more complex than most would initially think.

This way, your immigration attorney Jean Louis Racine will draft the proper applications for you, saving you time, money, and the hassle of doing the work on your own… and ended up being refused. In such a case, your immigration file will be contaminated!

Question: Do you know that there are more than 87 different Immigration programs in Canada?

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  • If you apply as a couple, the analysis will be done based of the profile of the person most likely to succeed.

*The Canadian government collects application fees for processing immigration applications. These fees are included to the fees we charge to assist you with your application.

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